The Alps Blues Clone

New Music for violoncello, zither and electronics

Martin Jaggi, violoncello

Leopold Hurt, zither

Please ask for demos and further information.

Mysteries of A Hairdresser‘s Shop

New Live-Music for silent movies of Karl Valentin

Leopold Hurt / composition, zither and electronics

The German comedien and avantgard artist Karl Valentin was one of the pioneers of art-house film in the early twenties of the 20th century. Amongst others he collaborated with Bertolt Brecht und Max Ophüls.

The zither, which is here used for a new live-soundtrack, was his most favourite instrument.


Der Zithervirtuose (1935)

Der neue Schreibtisch (1914, silent)

Die lustigen Vagabunden (1912, silent)

Mysterien eines Frisiersalons (1922, silent)

Teichmann & Hurt

A live-project with „Gebrüder Teichmann“

(DJing, electronics / Berlin)

and Leopold Hurt

(zither, electronics / Hamburg)

sometimes in collaboration with Philipp Geist

(video / Berlin)

Live-soundtrack for the Chinese silent-movie

„The Red Heroine“ (1928)

Live-performance for the Goethe-Institute in 2008,

Guangzhou (China)

           Teichmann-Hurt (Soundcloud)

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Projects / Chamber Music

Decoder Ensemble

A brand new ensemble for contemporary music
in Hamburg (Germany).


New music for three zithers

Reinhilde Gamper (I)

Leopold Hurt (D)

Martin Mallaun (A)

New CD is coming soon on the label „Idyllic Noise“ (Austria)!